Container Design


We partner with local retailers and wholesalers in order to provide you with a wide assortment of unique containers and vessels to beautify and enhance your space. We plant anything. Light-weight resin/fiber-cement, glazed-ceramic, terra-cotta, hanging baskets, bathtubs or even whiskey barrels. If it has drainage, we will plant it. We also have a working collection of vintage buckets and treasures found objects at the studio ready to be planted and placed in your space.  We will keep you updated on social media about any new special finds.    


Plants are our thing.  We lean heavy on foliage over flower and our bias is toward year-round interest. Regardless of the time of year, there will always be something growing in your pot. After we meet and learn about you, your style and vision, we begin collecting for your project's plant palette in preparation for your scheduled installation. Special requests are always welcome. If there is a specific plant or look you are trying to achieve, we do are best to make it happen. Just ask. 


Although our focus is on what you see, the success of your potted container depends upon what you don't - the quality of soil.  We use organic or all-natural potting soil mix and add in compost as needed. For seasonal refreshes we also add a slow release fertilizer after planting. Potted gardens need extra replenishment due to limited space for root growth and regular watering can flush out essential nutrients. If you prefer to opt out of this amendment, just let us know.   





Garden Consultations & Installations

Our work with plants and containers has expanded into the garden - yours. We love to grow gardeners. Garden consultations are great for those who want to learn more about gardening. We can help you create a more connected, intentional relationship to the natural world outside your door. We will listen to your vision and help you formulate a planting plan or palette that suits your lifestyle and needs. We can talk plants, pots, solutions to a difficult to plant area, or come up on the spot with a list of plants for you to purchase at your next nursery visit. We can also spend the day working in the dirt with you, planting and creating together. Our approach is home-grown and personal. We meet you where you are at, use what you have, and begin from there.  


We offer seasonal workshops by invitation. Succulent bowls, wreath-making, or hosting a gardening gathering at your home with friends to learn about the "art of gardening" are some of the workshops we have hosted in the past. We are looking to grow in this area, and we will keep you posted on any offerings as they evolve.